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Authorized Cisco partners can utilize Active Expert's Cisco WIFUND racks at the Wireless Range Data Center. Matches the authorized workbook, lab notes are readily available once students login. 

Students have full access to manage the pod, including

  • Power On/Off VM's and Switches and Controllers
  • All network devices have console access directly attached
  • All network devices have IP Power Control with student and instructor access
  • Any variance or errata notes are in the lab environment. 

Students / Instructors can access the labs with no software to install or VPN's to connect to.

Lab access is for 5 Days 24x7 additional tokens can be purchased for on-demand student access after the class. 

Cisco recommends 2 students per-pod.

*NOTE - Our rack rentals have been designed to be self-supported. We do have a US-based support team, with 4hr response SLA. Keep in mind the labs have been carefully designed to allow full management and support by the students and or instructor. 

USA based Data Center


Wireless Range 

Click here for an example of the new lab environment by Active Expert.