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WiFi Training

Catalyst Center Lessons - Administration, Automation, and Assurance

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Introducing the new Cisco Catalyst Center Lessons - your ultimate guide to administration, automation, and assurance. Master the skills and knowledge to efficiently manage networks and ensure seamless performance. Learn from industry experts at WiFiTraining and get ahead in your career now!

This course is designed to take people new to Cisco Catalyst Center (formerly DNA Center) and teach them essential administration roles & responsibilities for managing wired and wireless devices, as well as show off Catalyst Center's Automation and Assurance features. We are focusing on these areas as they are the most requested and sought-after features by our clients today. 

 Author: This course is being developed and instructed by principal architect Chris Avants (CCIEW/CWNE/CCSI) @rockstarwifi. Chris is a 20+ year industry veteran and a renowned Cisco expert who has deployed and supported numerous high-profile Cisco DNA Center/Catalyst Center deployments for clients worldwide.

Course Status: Pre-Order (estimated May 2024)

High-Level Outline

  • Cisco Catalyst Center Quick Overview
  • Cisco Catalyst Center - Day 0 Setup 
  • Essential Integrations and Upgrades
  • Building Network Settings & Site Hierarchy
  • Discovering & Enrolling Devices
  • Using Day0 Automation Scripts
  • Customizing more advanced Automation Scripts
  • Using Variables & Loops
  • Building & Maintaining an Automation Project
  • General Platform Administration
  • Platform Backups
  • Assurance Features