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Flipper Zero Unleashed

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Since its release in late 2020, the Flipper Zero has quickly become known as a Swiss army knife for computer security professionals. In this course we will take a deep dive into unleashing the full potential of the platform, focusing on a variety of practical attacks against computer systems and hardware. The course will begin with an overview of the Flipper Zero ecosystem, focusing on how to quickly get up and running with the device. Next, students will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of RFID and IR communication, with a focus placed on applying Flipper Zero’s capabilities to physical security testing. Finally, students will learn how to leverage Flipper Zero to achieve system compromise via BadUSB attacks.

Status: Pre-Order Est. December 5th, 2023

Course Author: Gabriel Ryan @s0lst1c3 /

Format: Digital Learn-On-Demand (4-5hrs)

High-Level Design

  • Section 1: Introductions
  • Section 2: RFID Pwnage
  • Section 3: Infared Signal Hacking
  • Section 4: Bad USB Attacks

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