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WiFi Training

Lab Workbook for Security Professionals and CWSP

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Building on the international success of the first two original #WirelessWorkbooks (the Wireless Workbook for Wireless Associates and #CWNA, and the Lab Workbook for Analysis Professionals and #CWAP), WiFi Training is proud to announce our 3rd workbook in the series Wireless Workbook for Security Professionals and #CWSP. 

This #WirelessWorkbook is designed to provide Wireless Security Associates and Professionals with more than a dozen in-depth hands-on labs beginning with Wireless Penetration testing to illustrate the current threat landscape facing SMB and Enterprise Wireless Networks of all sizes and verticals.

You won’t find WEP cracking in this workbook, says Chris Avants @RockstarWiFi or any other 20yr old wireless hacks, instead we focus on attacks, methods, and processes hackers can and do use today to attack SMB and Enterprise Wireless Networks. Then we showcase several security solutions that will help mitigate these threats. This workbook is truly the first of its kind in the wireless space. 

Then Principal Instructor, Chris Avants @RockstarWiFi and Sr. Instructor Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew, George Stefanick @my80211, and the rest of the team take students through detailed hands-on labs to completely understand the latest Wireless and Access Layer Security solutions to mitigate threats identified during the first few pen-testing labs and more. 

 This workbook includes 24hrs of Lab Access to the Wireless Range, time can be booked in as little as 1hr increment. 

Each lab breaks down into several tasks, sometimes more than a dozen. There is a ton of valuable information in our workbooks, and our team is here to answer questions should you have any.  Some of the things you will learn include. 

  • Lab 1 - WLAN Drive-by Attack
  • Lab 2 - Open auth frame capture and Analysis
  • Lab 3 - Software AP (Soft AP) Bridge Method
  • Lab 4 - Soft AP (NAT / DHCP / Routing)
  • Lab 5 - Attacking PSK Secured Networks (WPA/WPA2)
  • Lab 6 - Attacking WPA2 Enterprise
  • Lab 7 - Frameworks, Portals, and Combining Attacks
  • Lab 8 - Deploying an Internal Certificate Authority Server
  • Lab 9 - Using GPO to Deploy Root CA Certificates
  • Lab 10 Using GPO to Push Network Profiles
  • Lab 11 - Securing a WLAN Architecture for SMB and Branch
  • Lab 12 - Configuring a Secure Architecture for Mid-Sized Organizations
  • Lab 13 - Configuring a Secure WLAN Architecture for the Enterprise (Cisco ISE)
  • Lab 14 - Configuring WPA3
  • Lab 15 Configuring a Wireless Intrusion Detection Solutions (wIDS)